I think the end is in sight - not much more to do to get the van into the state where we can photograph it and get the status changed from Panel Van to Motor Caravan. There are two major bits to get done after finishing the bulkheads - build the two wardrobe units at the back and the high level cupboards inside. There are also an huge number of ‘wee jobs’ to tidy everything up and finish stuff off - anyone will tell you that I’m not great at finishing stuff!

Next Installment

Sunday 8th November 2015 - Beds and Bulkheads

SWMBO has finished the varnish work on the bed frames so they are now installed and their top hinged lids fitted.  Then set about making the two rear bulkheads.

There is going to be a door in the centre and the two long holes in the bulkheads are for access to a wardrobe on each side of the van. This will have a door when I get around to it.

Bulkheads out and away to the varnish fairy. (Gotta love her!) and erected some framework

temporarily to finalise the size of the upper cupboards.  

Sunday 15th November 2015 - Cupboards etc.

Got the basic frames of the upper cupboards built during the week - sorry about the poor photo - couldn’t find the camera (I’d put it somewhere safe like the front seat) so used the iPhone, plus it was dark. Thought I had measurements for where I had put the battens so I could drill and use Inserts to bolt the cupboards to. Doh! Had a couple of misses but eventually found them!

Hopefullly won’t be seen as covered by the frame of the cupboard.

Just a note on the bolts - everything in the van is modular and bolted into place with 8mm bolts which go into inserts set into the floor or side panel battens.  This was done so that it is easy to maintain stuff like the kitchen units which are each held in by four bolts.  They are solid as a rock but could be removed in about ten minutes if required.  We carried that process through to all the units so the bed/seat units and the cupboards bolt in place.  The bulkheads are bolted to the bed units and when installed also to the cupboards.

The second photograph also shows the basic frame for the wardrobe which is accessed from in front of the bulkhead.  Bloody Transits are curves in every direction so this caused some head pain and some swearing to make fit but now solved.  Just to put on the side panels.  There will be one on the other side but not right away as on a bit of a deadline to get my photos away to the DVLA to get the Motorcaravan status.

Last photo is taken from the bulkhead looking forward over the bed/seats to the kitchen units.

Sunday 23rd November 2015 - Wardrobes and Cupboards

Trying to finish off lots off stuff - The wardrobe unit on the RHS has proved a bit of a torture to build as nothing in the Transit is straight.  It curves inwards towards the back and inwards towards the top, so a considerable amount of bodging has been going on.  This unit is accessible from the front of the bulkhead and will be rather dark inside so decided to paint the inside of this white instead of varnishing it.  This has worked well.

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They will be built on frames bolted into inserts set into the panelling and framework behind.  Second photo is of the cupboard back frames being fitted into place. Will try to get these built during the week .

SWMBO had finished varnishing the bulkheads so bolted them into place.  Bolts are pretty obvious in the second photograph but in the garage area so don’t mind.

Also finishing off some small stuff like getting the electrics done for the water pump.  The single tap I bought from magnum’s was a bit of a bollox to fit as I really had drilled the hole for it a bit close to the sink and then it didn’t work.  At least the microswitch that switches on the pump didn’t work so after a quick email to Magnums they suggested either sending it back or having a look myself.  I hadn’t taken it apart myself in case it invalidated the warranty but a quick inspection showed a dodgy solder joint - it just wasn’t connected - so a couple of minutes with the soldering iron sorted that and we were I business.  There was another small problem we spotted with the spring that actuates the microswitch but again sorted quickly and we had running water - yeeehaaaaaa!

SWMBO (who never wants to see a varnish brush again after this project) finished off the doors for the cupboards and the wardrobes so got them installed.

A couple of catches short, which should arrive soon.  I did bollox up the measurement for the catches keeper plates so will have to bodge those next weekend but we are trying to get the pictures taken for the DVLA first.

Have started to make the infill pieces for the end of the seats - hence all the clamps and weights. The idea is that on the LHS there are two  infill pieces which go between the end of the seat and the hob kitchen unit to form a 72” bed.  Alternatively these two units can go between the two seat units to form a short (68”) double bed.

The infill piece for the LHS is one unit 24” X 27” and doubles as a table which will be hung on the rear bulkhead between the seats and with an additional single leg.  I’ll post photos later when all the brackets for these are in place - should get made this weekend.