Useful Documents

Course Bearing & Distance Charts

Trapezoid 60 Degree

Trapezoid 70 Degree

Trapezoid 65 Degree RS400/200/Feva

Triangle 60 Degree

Triangle 70/50 Degree (Fireball)

Triangle 45 Degree (Keelboat)

Class Speed Charts

IRC Speed Chart

Conversion VMG to Miles per Min

Trapezoid 60/70 Degree Laser

Triangle GP14

W/L Times 2 Laps IRC

W/L Times F18

W/L Times SB20

W/L Times Sigma 33

RYA PY Handicaps 2014

Miscellaneous Documents

Wind Recording Sheet

Belfast Lough Tide Charts

Marine VHF Channels

Ballyholme YC Mark Setup   

Start Line Calculating Spreadsheet

Race Officer Reminder Sheets

Event info required for NOR/SIs

Event info required Event Specific

Briefing Sheet - Committee Boat

Briefing Sheet - Marklayers

Briefing Sheet - Rescue

Briefing Sheet - Competitors

Flags and Equipment Required (Excel Sheet)

Finish Recording Sheets

One Design 25 Boats

One Design 50 Boats

One Design 75 Boats

One Design 120 Boats

Handicap 25 Boats

Handicap 35 Boats

Handicap 50 Boats

Handicap 25 Boats 3 Rounds

Time Recording Sheets

Time Recording W/L 2 Laps

Time Recording W/L 3 Laps

Time Recording Trap 2 Beats M5

Time Recording RS Trap/WL

Time Recording Old Olympic Triangle

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Class Standard Docs (Word Format)
Multihulls Sis 21016

RS 400,200,Feva  NOR 2019
RS 400,200,Feva Sis 2019
RS 400,200,Feva Entry Form 2019
RS 400,200,Feva Data Processing Policy