“Timing is everything“ and no exception in racing sailboats.  I have a pet bugbear about races not being started on British Summer Time to the second, rather than whatever time is on the timekeeper’s watch which, unless it has been checked that morning, is probably not accurate.  For Major events we would use “GPS Time” but for lower status events timing by Radio Controlled clocks is usually the easiest to manage.  I always check, and correct if necessary, my own wristwatch on the morning of an event.

So what do we use for timekeeping - Clocks or Watches?

I really do not care - whatever the timekeeper is comfortable with.  This is one of the critical Committee Boat jobs so make sure they have what they need.

This is the type of clock we currently use on committee boat.  Cheap and cheerful - bought in Argos for around £24.00.  It is radio controlled so should be accurate with BST/GMT to the second.

With Radio Controlled clocks - always check on the day of the event as sometimes they go into “Wait for a signal” mode.  If they are running no problem, if not, remove and replace the batteries and it will then take it a few minutes to lock onto the signal again.

This purely a clock - it has no countdown facilites.

The rubber bands are not to hold it together but to stop it slipping if it is set down on the deck.

Another example of the digital clock - again about the same price and also sold in places like Argos. This one is in use in Ballyholme’s Race Battery.

Again this clock has no countdown facilities.

Only just noticed someone has switched it to 12 hour clock - Grrrrrrrrr!