Sticking Bubblewrap insulation in awkward places

We found it very awkward to stick the bubblewrap insulation in some places in the van - the Adhesive sticks fast on touching so you only get one chance to get it in the right place.  In those places behind struts and so on it was impossible!  So quick think and we came up with this method:

First cut out the bubblewrap piece to the right size and shape- easily cut with scissors - and set in place.

About half way down the piece locate it to the surrounding metal with masking tape or whatever.  Do the same at the right hand side of the piece.

Now fold the piece in half - the masking tape keeps the piece located where it should be.  Spray both metal and bubblewrap with the adhesive. Let it go off for a couple of minutes until it is nearly touch dry and then smooth it upwards to stick it in place.  You now have the top half of your piece stuck in the correct place.

Remove the masking tape and fold up the bottom half of the piece and spray on the adhesive to both metal and bubblewrap.

It is important to let it go off slightly as you can see in this picture we are starting to smooth the piece downwards but it is touching the outer strut.

If it has gone off it will be almost touch dry and won’t stick to this surface.  Smooth down to finish glueing to the panel.

Finished product is stuck fast in exactly the right place and not stuck to me. YeeeHaaa!

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