iPads, Tablets and Apps

IPads and Tablets particularly are findingtheir way into the Race Management Bag.  There are so many potentially helpful Apps available it takes some time to find the ones to suit you.

I will list here some of the Apps I have on my iPad and their uses.  Some are not pure Apps but saved shortcuts to their website pages.

To save a Webpage shortcut as an Icon on your iPad:  Go to the required WebPage.  Select the icon that looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing up. Select Add to Home Page. An Icon shortcut will be added to the first free page on your iPad.  You can them move it to which page you prefer.

Weather Apps

U.K Met Office
The U.K Met Office has a variety of resources on their web site www.metoffice.gov.uk - In my case I have shortcuts on my iPad RM screen to The Synoptic Chart, the Local Forecast and the UK Inshore Forecast pages. The synoptic chart is unfortunately only updated once a day at 0730 but is still the first place I look.  It is free to bookmark these pages.

Iboatie App
I first purchased Boatie for the synoptic charts which download faster than the Met Office ones and are updated during the day. There is a lot more to Boatie including Tidal Information - heights and streams, It will display current position Lat and Long and Speed over ground, Waypoints, A library of Flags and Shapes etc  - Currently Around £6.00

Predict Wind App
I use the free version at the moment but considering buying the service. Wind speed and direction tables, graphs, wind maps etc.  I Rate this one


WindGuru App
A lot of sailors swear by Windguru - probably one of the best designed Apps - easy to use, easy to Add a favourite location.

My Weather 2
This is a shortcut to the myweather2.com website - Their graphs are good for trends in Wind speed and direction.  Free to bookmark