When your start line is over 250 metres or you need to identify which class that boat is from at a distance we need binoculars.  The problem usually is that where we use binoculars is on the foredeck, and it moves, a lot!

Secondary problems are that everyone needs the focus of each eyepiece adjust for their sight and to focus on a particular distance it the focus usually needs to be adjusted.

Our strong recommendation is to buy binoculars that are self focusing (No I do not know how it works - I must find out some day).  I use a pair called Konus 7 X 50 Focus Free. Cost less than £40.00 from my local chandelry

The 7 refers to the magnification - anything higher and it is very difficult to keep the Binos on target.  The 50 is the size of the opening the light comes through.  In this case anything smaller is probably too small.

Got another make you can recommend?

Let us know and send us a photo