Committee Boats

Committee boats come in all shapes and sizes. Alongside is a picture of the Committee Boat we got to use at Weymouth - a forty foot catamaran dive boat. Really stable platform and lots of room.

Normally in home waters we would use a cruising sailboat of anything from 33 to 45 feet.  For bigger events the longer boat is preferred.  We don’t have too many purely motor boats available to us but I have used them in the past and the big problem with them is rolling in a seaway at anchor - You need a hardy crew.

They can be very useful if you can use a flybridge or coachhouse roof at height to stand on.  

With the female of the species on board - you know we can’t do without them - then a suitable, clean heads is an essential.

The most important asset in a committee boat after the correct amount of space is a powered anchor windlass. The older I get the more I appreciate this!

Things to avoid: Steel boats - One of my home Club’s former Commodore has a splendid steel boat but it does cause havoc with using a compass on the foredeck.  We have learnt to live with it but better avoided.

I have used RIBs as Committee Boats in some cases but can’t be recommended.