The van is about finished and ready to use.  We have to change its classification from Panel Van to Motor Caravan - a reasonably simply process in that you send the V5 to the DVLA with photographs to show the changes made to the van.  These are the photographs we sent.  There are no Pop ups on this page.  That’s probably the end of this blog for a while until we use it and find what works and what doesn’t work.  Its been hard work but fun!

Van Build Pages Links:
Getting Started Insulation & Flooring
Windows & more Insulation
Solar, Final Panelling & Carpeting

Finishing the Fittings and Cupboards
Infills and stuff
DVLA Photos
Sticky Hints

Wiring Diagram
Starting Furniture and Fittings
More Furniture, Start Bulkhead

Converting a Transit Van into a Stealth Camper capable of carrying all my Race Management Kit