The end is now definitely in sight - A lot of tidying jobs and laying the carpet tiles and the cork tiles behind the bulkhead.  Then ready for DVLA photos to get it converted to a Motor caravan.

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Sunday 29th November - Infills, Door, Lights and Carpet

Lots of things have come together this weekend.  I finally got around to laying the Carpet Tiles - well pleased with the result.  They have a hard rubber type backing so hopefully will give some protection to the floor.  

Second I finished building the infills that go at the end of the seats to form two single beds.  They are designed to be stored by hanging on brackets at the end of seat modules.  (They have not had their final varnish coats yet but I wanted to get pictures away to the DVLA to get the classification changed).

These are multi purpose units - they fold out to form a small seat (3rd Photo).  Not happy with the design of these - originally there was a fold out piece to make them stable but it didn’t work.  Will revisit this when time pemits.  The cushions which form the seat backrests will also fit the top of these so we can take them outside and sit on them if required.

The Two off-side Infills together form the infill at the end of the Off-side seat to form one of the single beds.  They are also designed to fit between the two seat units to provide a double bed.  It is only five feet eight across but we are both short ***es so it can work.

You can see in these photos the brackets that the bed infills are stored on.  The nearside ones are hardwood as they also form the support for the infill when used as a bed and the offside ones are cheap metal brackets from Screwfix.

The nearside panel is held up by a fold out of two 12mm Ply panels hinged at the top and between the two panels.  The second panel folds against the first and then they both fold up into the underside of the infill.  The other side simply hooks on to the brackets on the end of the seat unit.  At present this table/infill unit is heavier than it needs to be and I will be taking more out of the 12mm panels to lighten it.

As previously mentioned the nearside infill panel is also the table.  It can be seen in the phots on the next page.

As well as the infill panels we got the bulkhead door finished and hung, and as mentioned before laid the carpet tiles.  I have put a small saddle under the bulkhead door and the back compartment floor will be covered in cork tiles rather than carpet as my wet sailing gear will go in there.

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SWMBO has also finished the cushions for the seats/beds and a great job she made of them.  You can see them on the next page which is just a repeat of the photographs sent to the DVLA to prove it is definitely not just a van with a camp bed in the back.

There are a number of small jobs to finish off - problem with the Split Charge relay (my van is apparently too clever for it),  A couple of catches not set right, a blackout blind to go between the cab and the kitchen units, blinds for the side windows and limo reflective film on the back windows but the van is basically ready to go.