Now it gets real - the Near Side Window Arrives

Now we have to start cutting into my lovely van!  I had decided to buy the bonded windows from VanPimps - the near side would be plain glass and the offside would be an opener.  The opener wasn’t in stock when I ordered so they sent us the nearside to get on with.  Must admit impressed with the way they kept in touch and let me know when  stuff would be sent and so on.  Kit arrived - could possibly do with plain instructions for the particular van but really pretty obvious.  One good thing about these particular windows is the cut out is easy to determine as it is around the existing frame in the Tranny.

Point of no return - drill through from the inside to mark the edge of the panel to be removed.

We put down a dust sheet to catch the swarf.

Covered the outside in Masking tape and then drew on the bit to be cut out using the drill holes we had just made for guidance.

Then out came the Jig saw with a new metal cutting blade and away we went.  Had to cover my forearm as the bits of metal flying off were nipping away the the skin.

Initially left a couple of one inch strips uncut on the top and bottom runs.  Attached a couple of strips of Gaffa Tape to hold the panel before finally cutting through these last four strips.

Finished off with a file to take off swarf and any nibs left.  Got out the adjustable wrench to press together the odd spot where there were two layers of metal but the gap between them would have been too large for the beading to go over.

Then went round any bit of bare metal with the red oxide to rust proof it.

Knocked on the beading with a wooden hammer - this needed some care where the metal was doubled up, but got it eventually.

Unfortunately didn’t take pictures of the window prep - Gets cleaned with an etch primer and then an activater is spread over where the mastic is to be run.  Then finally run the mastic around the outside - I was panicking that there would be enough but worked fine.  Then lift the window into place and press it home.

Supported the Glass with Gaffa tape so it would not slump - I actually stuck a couple of off cuts of 2x1 wood under the glass to give support.

And then the rain came on!  But all in place - It takes four to six hours to cure so we left it alone overnight and now very happy with the job.

Sunday July 19th - Finalise Battens & First Insulation Layer

Got the rest of the battens in and nearly finished gluing on the bubblewrap - just got the rear roof panel and the front roof panel to finish - and the doors - haven’t touched them yet.

Can’t finish the front roof panel as I have to fit a roof vent and provide access for the Solar panel cables to enter the van through the roof.

If the off side window arrives this week then we will fit it this weekend and hopefully get the roof vent done as well.

Sunday 26th July 2015 - More Insulation and stuff

Started on the second level of insulation - adding 25mm Kingspan.  This is not an easy job to fit this stuff in all the sections - Done mostly by making two pieces (sometimes three) and gluing them in place.  So of it ended up not very pretty but should be effective.

This, of course meant that I had to install some of the wiring that I will not be able to get at later. There are an awful lot of wires! The routes are mostly at high level as the fuse box and switch panel will be in the space above the cab on the passenger side.

Starting to cut out the panels that will cover the insulation.

Did finally find a seat this week in a scrap yard near the Temple crossroads - A 2013 Transit van smashed on near side front.  Got the drivers seat and frame for £150 - absolutely mint.

It fits on the same mounting holes as the original two seat version. It also provides me with somewhere secure to mount the Leisure Battery.  Looks good, happy RG

Sunday 2nd August 2015 - More holes in my nice van!

Was screwing on the panels I had cut out - using stainless steel screws for everything, and found these props a great device. (Photo above right)

Then the rain stopped and it was time to put in the roof vent.  More measure ten times and cut once - had to make up small 4mm packers to allow for the roof ridge. The sealing is hopefully effective rather than pretty.

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There are some videos on YouTube and on other sites to show how this is done.

Video on YouTube by Mike McCann showing bonded window fitting.

Then went on to the last big hole in the van for the off-side window.

When sticking it in its final position, got it slightly wrong - its about 3mm low - not a problem at all but I will notice it every time I look at that window!

Quick Tip - to remove the gaffa Tape residue - cloth with some WD40.

Now to finish off all the inside panelling - I have been pulling through some of the cables for lights etc - seems a lot of them and hopefully next weekend get the roof panel in place.

Next installment