Next Job - the Main Wiring

Sunday 23rd August - another long weekend

During the week I had been able to make up a couple of brackets that I would need for the wiring and mounting of stuff - A mounting with a heat sink for the Solar Controller, a small mounting plate for a 12v supply and a bracket to carry 2 x 12v supply sockets and a Cut Off switch.  This is attached to the back right of the passenger seat and is accessible from front and back and kills all power to the fuse box.

Then on Saturday started on the main connections.  Cables had to be run up and down the B Pillar from the Fuse box to the Leisure Battery under the passenger seat.

This third photo shows the Leisure battery under the passenger seat and the solar controller mounted on a heat sink in front  of it.  Also in here is the earth side shunt for the battery monitor and the voltage sensing relay that connects/disconnects the LB from the Starter battery under the drivers seat.

Then we progressed to wiring up the switch panel and the fuse box and the various meters and connecting the 100W Solar Panel.  I had drawn out a diagram, not just of the overall wiring but which switch went to which fuse etc.  This made the final wiring much easier.

Hopefully the last photo in this section shows the Solar panel charging the Battery at 0.7Amp. (It was nearly full anyway)

Just to remove the greasy fingerprints from the switch panel and label a few things and this bit is done.

230 volt Circuit

I had decided to keep the whole 230 volt side separate - the solar will take care of recharging the batteries and if need be I can plug in a battery charger.

There are five 230 volt outlets in the van - two above the cab, two either side of the main space, just above where a shelf will be in the future and one at the back low down.  This one is an IP65 (waterproof) fitting as this area will end up being our wet locker where all our wet sea gear goes, so did not want to risk any problems with water getting into the 230 volt side.  Could be exciting in all the wrong ways!

Sockets, sockets everywhere

There are 12 Volt outlets at the front between the front seats, at each side of the living area - looks like two sockets but actually one 12v socket and a USB socket to charge phones and iPads etc.  There is one last 12v socket at the back door low down.

Reversing Cameras and Monitors

There will be an internal bulkhead that will occasionally be closed so we will not be able to use the rear view mirror through the rear windows so I thought it would be a good idea to add two cameras - one to act as a rear view mirror and one to help reversing.  Later to help lining up the tow bar - which hasn’t been fitted yet.

I have tried various cameras - being a cheap guy The cameras all cost around £10 to £15, they came with parking markers, which I find distracting.  The reversing one, which points down and can see the bumper takes getting used to but happy with this.

The one used as a rear view mirror make things look farther away than they are.  The idiot in the Astra that was a car length from my rear end look farther away - may have to change this camera if I can find a better one.  The monitor is a great tool enabling us to reverse the image, so it looks like a rear view mirror image.  It actually has three inputs - two normal phono type video inputs and a VGA input.  Considering adding a third camera to this VGA input and place it on the front of the van as I have not yet found out how far away the bumber is!  You can tell - I am gadget man! :)

Bar some cabling for the under cupboard lights and a couple of spot lights for reading that’s the wiring done for now - next comes the internal construction of the kitchen, beds, etc.

                               The next installment

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