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Mark Laying

We can’t run a race without marks and mark layers.  Mark laying is now a lot more than just throwing a few marks in the water.  Classes demand accurate beats and runs, lines that are correctly angled, gates that are the correct width and the correct angle to the sailing breeze and races that last the correct amount of time.  

We can achieve all of this with a little training and some preparation (and still have fun!).  We are lucky in that we have a great team of young people at my home club, Ballyholme Yacht Club, who can lay courses, move marks at very short notice and do it so well the customers don’t even notice that it is happening.  This doesn’t just happen - we have developed, over the last few years, equipment and techniques that work and can be used in adverse conditions.

Check out the Course notes for our Club Mark Layer Course (Link below) - this is based on the RYA Club Mark Laying Course but we have developed it a bit further - The RYA also provide a Regional and National Mark Layer Course.  We will be running a Regional Mark Laying Course in Northern Ireland this year.  At present the Club Mark Layer course covers using GPS (Essential for accurate courses), all the basic techniques like streaming marks and setting gates. (Surprising the number of ROs that don’t know how to do this)

There is more information on the Useful Documents page including Bearing and Distance Tables and Speed tables for various classes that we have worked with. Also check out the Equipment Page.

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