Event Notes and Stuff

After events we would do a de-brief with the “on the Water Team” and it has become a habit to feed back information to the Class about how the event went - what we liked and what we didn’t, always thinking how it can be improved. Sometimes Classes ask us to do things which don’t make a lot of sense or they give us a set of SIs that are rubbish and repeat rules and class rules so this is our opportunity to feed back information in the form of a note that will hopefully help for future events.

Click on an Event to get the notes as a pdf file.      The Documents for any event should be on our Document Archive page.

Event Notes and Feedback

RS400/RS200 Sprint Championships May 2014

F18 Catamaran World Championships July 2014

Link to YouTube Video after the F18 Worlds   

GP14 Worlds August 2014

Link to YouTube Video of Practice Gate Start Carnage

Link to YouTube Video of Gate Start action

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