Equipment - What works and what doesn’t

I have spent a small fortune over the years buying kit to do this Race Officer job - some works very well, some is OK, some can’t be bought so we have to make it and some is crap. Click on any of the items below to go to a page about that particular item - in most cases we go into more detail about what equipment to choose and why. We will also tell you what does not work. So - in no particular order:


Displaying Flags

Sound Signals


Hand Bearing Compass


Committee Boats

Starting Masts

Marks and Anchors

Clocks and Watches

Battery Boxes


Wind Indicators

Wind Recorders

Course Change Boards

Hand Held Radios

Course Display Boards

GPS and Laser Range Finders

iPads, Tablets and Apps

RYA Recommended Equipment

Always looking to find better kit or clever ways of using kit - so if you have an improvement or a better way of doing things - that is what this Web Site is all about - let us in on your secrets or favourite bits of kit and we will give you full credit.