Hand Bearing Compasses

The Race Officer has to have one, the mark layers have to have one for each mark laying boat - one of the most useful bits of kit on the race course.  I have been using the same Silva compass for around thirty five years.  Unfortunately it is now losing the silvering on the prism so has been replaced this season with a more modern Plastimo one.  Silva don’t have the facilities to service my old one - so if you know someone who can fix my old friend then please call me!

My old Silva Type 60 that  has served me well for a long time.  The case snaps shut.  Unfortunately it has died.

If you know someone that could replace the prism . . . . .  Call me right away - I loved this compass!  (Saddo!)

This is a Silva Sight Master.

Good enough compass but to sight an object you keep both eyes open and focus on the remote object.  

Some people like it - My Advice - try it in the shop before you buy.

Probably the most popular and certainly the most available Hand Bearing Compass in the UK today - the Plastimo Iris 50

This is my current compass and, so far, very pleased with it.

Cost around £55.00-£60.00

Not sure who bought this one - the Ritchie.  Easy to plonk down on the console of a RIB and steer by but not great for degree perfect readings.

Around £35.00-£39.00

Got a favourite Compass that you use? - Tell us about it - email us a photograph and we will include it

Silva Type 60

Plastimo Iris 50

Silva Sight Master