This tool has become more and more useful over the years.  Some Classes now insist on a certain minimum wind strength and some suggest a maximum - I have certainly found that some classes have a practical upper wind limit. They think they can race in 30 knots but once over 25 knots on my anemometer, they fall over. Then of course we have to decide when to switch Rule 42 off and on for some classes depending on the wind speed. For whatever reason it is essential to have an accurate indication of the wind speed.

My original Silva - It also had a thermometer to work out wind chill factor.

In practice there is a little ball that covers the fan to protect it and you spend more time fiddling with it to get a good wind path than actually reading the wind.  Also a bit fiddly to set the correct mode.

Overall - not worth thinking about

Cheap and cheerful - works reasonably well - not very good at low wind speeds but served a purpose for a while. There are other models in this range with more features.

Should be able to buy for around £40.00

New Kid on the block - The Vaavud Anemometer for Smartphones.  I have used this with my iPhone and found it pretty good even at low speeds.  Only worry I have is holding my iPhone aloft on a wet foredeck!

Works with iPad or iPhone

Cost just under £40.00

This is the daddy - the Kaindl Windtronic 2 (as used at Olympics and recommended by RYA).  I have added the small camera mount as a handle.

Very good at low speeds, you can point it in any direction and it works - if you can afford it, buy this one.

Around £60.00

Got a different anemometer that you use? - Tell us about it - email us a photograph and we will include it

Technoline EA-3010

Kaindl Windtronic 2


Vaavud Anemometer for iPhone