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Now retired from full time business I spend a lot of my time helping to run sailboat races as a Race Officer.  Over the years the techniques, procedures, equipment and the demands of the classes have changed dramatically.  There has been a lot of effort put into working out how to lay particular courses, working out what equipment works and what doesn’t, working how to run particular events and nearly always this has cost time and money.

This website is about sharing that knowledge and helping to save other race officers and aspiring race officers from making the mistakes I made along the way and providing techniques and procedures that will make your job easier.

I hope you may find it useful.  I am, of course, still learning and welcome any comments on the information on this site and particularly would love to hear about any new, or better equipment or a better way of doing things.

Sorry - I know this site needs finishing and updating.  As my current software is no longer supported I am having to learn how to use WordPress - so the new site will be easier read on phones and tablets - soon - honest!

For Club Race Management Training

in Northern Ireland

Just drop me an email to discuss what you need.

Club Race Team or Club Marklaying courses cost your members nothing.

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